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Protect Your Property and Equipment with Lint Cleaning in Petaluma, CA

Lint is an unavoidable leftover from using a clothes dryer. Although it may be unavoidable, the danger that can accompany it is not inevitable. This risk stems from an unaddressed buildup that can lead to a fire hazard. That’s why Lint Extractors offers our services for lint cleaning in Petaluma, CA.

We’ve seen the danger and destruction resulting from a lint-initiated fire, and its prevention is the driving force behind what we do. Our goal is to help homeowners, and business owners protect their families and properties by employing our skills, equipment, and experience on their behalf.

Laundromat owners and dry cleaners know the value of our services for keeping equipment clean. Our services help prevent fires and go a long way toward improving the air quality in a building. In addition, our dryer lint removal service will help your appliance work more effectively and use less energy as it doesn’t have to work extra hard to force air out past clogged filters and vents.

Dryer vent and duct cleaning should be done regularly. Lint will build up with each use, and it’s part of a good maintenance plan to always ensure that it’s not allowed to reach excessive levels.