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Residential and Commercial Duct Cleaning Services in Petaluma, CA

Top-Notch Duct Cleaning in Petaluma, CA

Dryer Fire That Can Be Prevented With Duct Cleaning in Petaluma, CA

When you call on LINT EXTRACTORS, you get nothing but the best duct cleaning in Petaluma, CA. I charge a flat fee of $155 for my air duct cleaning services. Additionally, I offer thorough dryer vent repair solutions.

How I Do Cleanups

Over the years, I've perfected the duct cleaning process. I begin by removing the dryer so I can get behind it. Next, I hook up the machine and run brushes through the ducts and back to the machine using flexible rods.

From Inside and Out

Efficient dryer duct cleanup involves meticulous but precise work done from inside and outside the house. There are certain instances where I can do everything from inside the house. No matter what, I always make sure to wipe the floor under and behind the dryer when all the duct cleaning work is done.

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