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Residential and Commercial Duct Cleaning Services in Petaluma, CA

Fair-Priced Duct Cleaning Cost from Inventive Dryer Lint Cleaner

Start saving money when you rely on LINT EXTRACTORS to cut down your duct cleaning cost. I am your source for dryer vent repair in Petaluma, California, as well as duct cleaning and replacement jobs.

Repair and Replace

Ducts tend to rust, get disconnected, or waterlogged over time and therefore need to be replaced. Whenever such issues arise, I can replace the hood cap outside of the house with a louvered cap that functions like a plantation shutter to allow air and lint to flow better and avoid clogging.

What Customers Love

Customers refer to my company as "the cardiologists of dryer ducts." I have no less than 4,200 repeat customers, because they love the fact that I provide the ductwork myself rather than hire other people.

What I Don't Do

As much as I'd like to do many useful things, my services are limited to clothes dryer vent repair, dryer lint cleaner, and replacement. I do not clean carpets, air ducts, chimneys, or gutters, nor will I pressure you with any additional services you do not want or need.

Prevent a Fire With a Dryer Vent Repair in Petaluma, CA

Contact me in Petaluma, California, to save on your duct cleaning cost with exceptional services from the Bay Area's well-loved dryer lint cleaner.