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Nothing beats the feeling of fresh and warm clothing straight from the dryer. Of course, the key to upholding the performance of your dryer is to stick to a routine cleaning and maintenance program. Let LINT EXTRACTORS keep your household appliances in great condition. I offer a variety of dryer duct maintenance services, including vent cleaning in Petaluma, CA.

Dust and lint are the enemies of a functional dryer. By letting them accumulate in your ducts, you also allow them to hinder the performance of your appliances. That means your clothes won’t feel as dry or fresh over time. Worse, excessive debris in your ducts raises the risks of a house fire. By hiring me for duct cleaning services, you take smart steps towards keeping your dryer in great shape.

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LINT EXTRACTORS in Petaluma, California, is your number one choice for unparalleled duct cleaning services.

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You can't go wrong with my services as a dryer lint cleaner. Find out how I can help you cut your duct cleaning cost down.

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My mission is to be honest, care for my customers, and do the best job to be done.

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Meet the Owner: Stephen Hillenbrand

I’m the owner and founder of LINT EXTRACTORS, and I have been in this line of work for more than three decades. Thanks to my experience, knowledge, and customer-first approach to service, I have built a solid reputation as the go-to technician for air duct cleaning services in the Bay Area.

I was born and raised here, so I'm familiar with the neighborhoods and the needs of the community. If you're looking for high-quality, personalized dryer duct replacement or repair, you can count on me to provide timely service that fits within your schedule and budget.

When you hire my duct repair company, you work directly with me. I never subcontract to other people or entities, ensuring you get the best possible service every time. Hands down, you can count on me to keep your dryer ducts in great shape. 

Call (415) 461-1489 and request an estimate for duct cleaning, repair, or replacement services. I serve commercial and residential clients throughout Petaluma, CA, and the surrounding area.

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Contact me at (415) 461-1489, in Petaluma, CA, to ask information about my exceptional
dryer duct cleaner and Dryer Lint/vent Cleaning services. You can also text me at (925) 206-5273.

Received The Blue Star Best Dryer Duct Company of the Bay Area Award
2010, 2016, 2018

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